Digital Screen Transfers

What are they?

Recent developments in transfer technology have led to the Digital Screen Transfer (DST). This is a technique that allows for short-to-medium runs of full colour transfers that are soft and highly durable. These are ideal for brand logos and promotional wear and feature high detail and vibrant colours.

DSTs offer great value for money and you are able to have more than one design on a sheet further improving their cost-effectiveness on short runs.

Should I use them?

Digital Screen Transfers are a combination of digital print and screen printing techniques. The end result is a transfers that is detailed, vibrant and full colour yet still soft, durable and highly cost-effective on short to medium runs.

DST is ideal for brand logos and promotional wear that requires a visual impact. Not all designs are suitable for this type of print, however, so make sure you check your design with us for suitability. Why not upload it to us here?


Sample Packs

If you want to see what some of our transfers are like before you buy then we can provide you with a sample pack. This will allow you to have a go at applying the various samples onto your choice of material to find out which one works best for you.

If you've not had one of our sample packs then why not contact us here and we can put one in the post to you?

Garment Supply

As well as Transfers and a Heat Press you will need garments for them to go on to! At Revolution we offer a wide range of plain garments at trade prices. Click here to find out more.

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