Screen Printed Hot Split Transfers

What are they?

Hot Split transfers are screen printed transfers in up to 6 colours. It gets the name from the fact that the ink on the transfers 'splits' when heat pressed and the backing has to be removed while hot.

Hot Split transfers are popular with our clients who want vibrant colour but also a soft feel to the transfer suitable for everyday wear.

This type of transfer is ideal for designs that require a vintage look or a 'distressed' style. It is equally at home with bright, cartoon style designs.

Should I use them?

Hot Split Transfers are a popular choice of transfer. The backing must be removed while hot and so a little bit of practice is necessary with these transfers. The end result, although not quite as bright on dark garments or as detailed as standard plastisol, is a light, soft feel suitable for everyday wear.

Hot Split is very versatile and is popular with clients seeking a vintage look or a 'distressed' style. It has also proved very successful at producing bright, cartoon style designs.


Example of a Hot Split Transfer

Sample Packs

If you want to see what some of our transfers are like before you buy then we can provide you with a sample pack. This will allow you to have a go at applying the various samples onto your choice of material to find out which one works best for you.

If you've not had one of our sample packs then why not contact us here and we can put one in the post to you?

Example of a Hot Split Transfer

Tee and Toast

Our friends at Tee and Toast have had a number of Hot Split transfers from us. Having several different designs on the same sheet allows them to have a wide range of designs while keeping the overall costs down.

The hand-drawn style, bright colours and playful designs are perfect for Hot-Split transfers. Giving a durable yet soft feel finish ideal for everyday wear.

Why not check out their website at

Example of a Hot Split Transfer

Single Colour

Although Hot Split transfers often tend to be bright, multi-coloured affairs they can be very effective when using just a single colour.

Combined with a 'distressed' look this can give a fantastic vintage look and feel to garments.

Garment Supply

As well as Transfers and a Heat Press you will need garments for them to go on to! At Revolution we offer a wide range of plain garments at trade prices. Click here to find out more.